Trippy Shells™ is the newest division of,
a fine art and surface design company run by husband
and wife duo, Alex and Jennifer. Endless-Art started out
as a fine art company focused on gallery exhibitions. Their
work has also been found in furniture galleries, salons,
office buildings and condominiums. Alex and Jennifer,
then started a surface design division focused on licensing
patterns and design in different industries, including
fashion, accessories, housewares, health and beauty,
interior design/decór, and even the music industry. To see
some of those exciting designs go to

After moving to Cocoa Beach, Florida, Alex and Jennifer,
a Florida native, became obsessed with collecting shells.
We saw so many beautiful shells that lost their colours and
patterns over time. We thought let’s give them a second
life by putting colour and design on them to be enjoyed in
many different ways, including jewelry, magnets and other
accessories, put in a frame, or as keepsakes and souvenirs.
Each shell is carefully selected and hand-painted with wild
colors and eye-catching designs. Every Trippy Shell is one-of-a kind!
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